Season 1, Episode 11: I'm Shrinnnking

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Written by Kim Friese, Directed by Gil Junger

Special Guest Star Ben Stein as Dr. Mopp

Guest starring Mel Winkler as Lester, Steve Vinovich as Mr. Littlejohn, Earl Billings as J.O., Victor Mack as Antoine

Co-starring Kimberly Moss as Ida


"Yesterday he blow-dried a tea-bag and put it back in the box." -Yvonne

"Shrinks are for crazy people, and if you think I'm going to a shrink, then somebody in this room is really crazy, and it ain't me or my invisible friend Mr. Jenkins." -Darryl


Darryl takes out a loan to expand his business, and then Milsap tells him that he just lost his very first client... which also happens to be 2% of his business. He has a nightmare in which the bank from he got the loan finds out about his losing the client, and recalls the loan by taking everything from his house, including his children and his wife, who won't stand by him now that he's poor. In the real world, he becomes obsessed with losing everything, and refuses to confide his feelings to Yvonne. She becomes more and more concerned as Darryl sleeps less, eats less, works more, and becomes more and more miserly. She asks him to see a shrink, but he refuses. His friends at his barber shop tell him not to talk about his problems, but just to take care of them, so finally he decides to sell the house and move the family vacation from the Cayman Islands to his uncle's condo on Long Beach. Yvonne finally insists that he get professional help. He goes to see a therapist who keeps trying to relate to Darryl on a "black" level and is completely useless. He goes back to his barber but he's no help either. Finally he goes home and confides his fears to Yvonne who is incredibly supportive and understanding.

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