Season 1, Episode 12: A Multi-Culti Christmas

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Teleplay by Eunetta T. Boone and Stacy A. Littlejohn, Story by Eunetta T. Boone, Directed by Gil Junger

Guest starring Taylor Negron as Mr. Ballard, John Webber as Walter, Ria Pavia as Mrs. Milmore

Co-starring Preston Wamsley as Ronnie, Connor Matheus as Otto, Teresa Parente as Mrs. inez, Doug Budin as Rick, Ryon Churby as Kris


"Shut up and smile, Kermit, it's Christmas." -Darryl

"All I want to know is why Jesus can't come to his own birthday party." -Darryl

"What is not to get? The earth god Balthar and his minions of cycloptic flying fire-goats join forces with the goddess Helios to overcome Oden, the dark priest of night. It is very basic stuff, people." -Mr. Ballard

"I don't wanna be Joseph. I wanna be Big Baby Jesus from the Wu-Tang Clan." -Michael


Darryl is very excited about Christmas this year... combining all the old traditions with better presents and the new neighborhood. He and Milsap reminiscence about their song about having no money for presents that they made up in high school as they dig into Milsap potent egg-nog. The Hughleys, Milsap, and the Rogerses go to the school to see their kids rehearse the school play which is some disaster of a winter soltice celebration about light overcoming darkness. They are all slightly horrified by the incredibly PC show being directed by and incredibly weird director... and it just doesn't make any sense. They head home, and, after a little too much of Milsap's egg-nog, decide to protest the show at tomorrow's PTA meeting. At the meeting, Darryl gets the current show voted down, and offers to direct the show himself, at his house ('cause they're not allowed to have an even vaguely religious show at the public school). He promises a show that will represent everyone's traditions. He starts rehearsals in his back yard, and the other parents show up to tell him about their traditions. He is not very open-minded, and finally loses it when a Dutch parent tells him about Santa Claus in the Netherlands who has black servant that carries all the coal. The parents get in a huge fight and the kids give up on them. Darryl is depressed about his failure of a Christmas pageant, but it turns out that the kids decide to put on their own show which includes Hanukkah, Christmas, and the Dutch Santa that ends up freeing his slave. Darryl is so pleased with the show that he offers his back yard for future years to carry on the new tradition.

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