Season 1, Episode 13: Reliving Single

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Rating: 14.9


Written by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, Directed by Steve Zuckerman

Guest starring Rosslyn Taylor as Marisa, Roxanne Beckford as Stacy Mills

Co-starring Connor Matheus as Otto, Tracey Costello as Fawn, Jennifer Lyons as Val Kyrie, Lisa Boyle as Cinnamon, and Jennifer Lee as Rebecca.


"Did I mention Dennis Rodman? In a thong?" -Milsap
"No, and never mention it again." -Darryl

"You know, you ugly, but you intrigue me." -Darryl

"You know, I may not be the best looking man in here, but I'm the only one talking to you." -Dave


Milsap is over at Darryl's as are Dave and Sally. They get to talking about Milsap's single status, and Sally and Yvonne decide to set him up with this wonderful woman that they know. The two couples take Milsap out to lunch to meet this woman. She turns out to be beautiful, sexy, funny, loves opera, loves basketball... and has twelve cats and a pot-belly pig at home.

Darryl and Dave decide they can do better than their wives. After rehearsing some of the best-loved (awful) pick-up lines, they head out to a singles club to find Milsap the perfect woman. Their pick-up lines strike-out, but eventually they manage to find some women to dance with and have paged Milsap to come to the club to meet them. Their wives show up and monopolize their husbands on the dance floor, and then go get a drink. Milsap shows up and Dave and Darryl apologize for their lack of women, and tell him that they were just trying to help. Milsap asks them how desperate they thought he was. He yells out for Tauruses and immediately two gorgeous women attach themselves to his arms. He seems to be doing okay. So Darryl and Dave pick-up their wives at the bar and take them home.

Meanwhile, the Hughleys have gotten their kids a new babysitter. Although Michael swears he can take care of himself and no longer needs a babysitter, when the new babysitter shows up he is immediately smitten by her. He shows off for her all the time, and although she's kind to him, she obviously isn't responding. He can't figure out why it's not working, until Syndey tells him that women like their men to have some mystery. So Michael has Marisa, the babysitter, guess what number he's thinking of. When she guesses wrong, he won't tell her which number he was really thinking of.

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