Season 1, Episode 14: I Ain't Heavy, I'm Your Father

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Rating: 8.3/12


Written by Stacy A. Littlejohn and Myles Avery Mapp, Directed by Peter Bonerz

Guest starring Ellis Williams as Henry Hughley, Amy Hill as Mrs. Fujino

Co-starring Ria Pavia as Joan, Connor Matheus as Otto, Erica Mer as the girl


"Hang-gliding, sky-diving... You know, it's amazing the money white folks spend to try to kill theyselves." -Darryl

"The beauty of the Jet-Ski is that if you fall off, it stops and just sits there 'til you hop back on." -Dave
"Kinda like sex only there ain't nobody there to apologize to." -Darryl

"Bungie jumping! Everybody know black folk and ropes don't go together." -Darryl
"I've done it before, man, it's a rush." -Milsap
"Oh, that's what you said about Zima." -Darryl

"Flashing gang signs at a coyote is a waste of valuable running time." -Darryl

"Okay, is someone gonna help me or am I making up for the last four-hundred years here?" -Dave

"If you guys think you had fun today, tomorrow we are going on an adventure called, 'Where in damnation did I park that car?'" -Darryl

"Everybody knows predatory fish and black people don't go together." -Henry

"What are you doing? Anybody die?" -Henry
"I was givin' you a hug." -Darryl
"We don't do that." -Henry
"Black people?" -Darryl
"No, Hughleys." -Henry


Dave is opening his second sporting-goods store specializing in such things as Jet-Skis, velcro suits, bungie jumping, hang-gliding, and trampolines. Darryl can't believe that all this stuff exists. His kids and wife are having a great time trying out some of the new equipment. Yvonne is reading "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" because Darryl wouldn't go see the movie with her and Sally invites her to join her book club.

Dave has fixed Darryl's kids' electric train that Darryl broke, and then takes them out for ice-cream. Darryl tells Milsap that he thinks his kids think Dave is more fun that he his. Milsap points out that Darryl does have trouble trying new fun things. Dave and the kids come back from ice-cream and Dave has invited them to go camping. Darryl agrees to go to prove that he knows how to have fun.

Dave, Otto, Darryl, Michael, Sydney, and Darryl's father, Henry, all leave to go camping. Dave realizes he forgot Otto's Furbie, and has to leave because Otto can't be without his Furbie. Darryl panics, but finally decides to stay without Dave because his kids are so disappointed at leaving. As night sets in, they realize that Dave took the can opener with him, so everyone is starving and a nearby wolf is howling. Darryl and Henry go out to check out the howling noise and discover a vicious little white dog. After they battle the vicious white dog, the dog's owner, a young girl, comes to pick up "Fluffy." The girl tells them that she and her parents stopped at the pizza place on the other side of the trees and Fluffy ran off.

Sally's book club is meeting at Yvonne's house. The book club tells Yvonne that they don't actually read the books, they watch the movies. The whole point of the club is to be able to see the movies that their husbands won't go to with them. Milsap stops by looking for Darryl, and one of the women in the club thinks it's time for her to get her groove back and invites him in to watch the movie.

Everyone is happy in the tent eating pizza. Darryl and Henry are telling the story of the vicious wolf that they fought off, and how a park ranger was so grateful that he gave them the pizza. The kids tell Darryl they're having fun, which means a lot to Darryl. Darryl puts the kids to bed and goes outside with Henry. Henry says that he's had fun too, and regrets that they didn't do more things like this when Darryl was a kid. Darryl says they still have time.

Milsap is crying at the end of the second watching of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back."

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