Season 1, Episode 16: Dog Eat Dog

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Written by Kim Friese, Directed by Steve Zuckerman

Special appearance by Johnnie Cochran

Guest starring Taylor Negron as Mr. Ballard, Barry Gordon as the Judge, Frances Bay as Mrs. Fitch

Co-starring Francis Guinan as E.W. Algron, Don Boomhower as the Bailiff


"I read somewhere that the unibomber's dad didn't let him have a dog." -Michael
"The unibomber was also a straight-A student, so you can already see how different you are." -Darryl

"Wow. A white mob, and you're all goin' after a white guy? America's gettin' better and better, ain't it?!" -Darryl

"Sidney, the only way Jet could reach that doorbell is if he stood on top of all the other animals we've killed." -Michael

"I still don't know why you spent all that money, man, I woulda represented you." -Milsap
"Oh please, Milsap, dating three paralegals in one month does not qualify you to practice law." -Yvonne
"I don't know why you say that. I won all three of those cases." -Milsap

"I assure you, my injuries are extensive." -Mr. Ballard
"What did the dog do? Come back and hit you with a bus?" -Darryl

"So you wanna keep your little front-yard tribute to Viagra." -Darryl

"You know what? Tomorrow, I'm going to the courtroom, and I'm gonna win this case, 'cause no one is gonna kill that dog except my kids!" -Darryl

"A dog is no longer a friend, once he bites you in the can. Keep the faith, and let's stop the violence." -Johnnie Cochran

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