Season 1, Episode 17: Storm O' the Century

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Written by Bootsie and Myles Avery Mapp, Directed by Steve Zuckerman

Special guest star Shelley Duvall

Special guest appearance by John Astin

And Robert Englund as the Evil Bloodthirsty Brian

Co-starring Connor Matheus as Otto, Ron Woods as the Dummy


"Why is Darryl so cranky? Is this one of those 'There ain't no snow in Africa!' things?" -Sally

"You know, I think this is gonna be fun. It's so atmospheric, with the peeling wallpaper, the creeking doors and danger lurking around every corner." -Yvonne
Baby, if that's what you wanted we could have just visited my parents!" -Darryl

"Mr. Krump, don't you know nothin' about black folk in horror movies. See, we never go into that room. Nuh huh, not us, we always leave it to the nosey white folks." -Darryl

"If you know it's fake going in, why bother? That's why don't nobody buy Michael Jackson a wedding present." -Darryl

"I think it's a ghost!" -Yvonne
"Y'all wait here. I'm gonna get Velma and Scooby." -Darryl

"Now Dave's missing, and how the hell are we gonna find a white man in the snow?" -Darryl

"What kind of horror movie is this where the white people disappear before the black people?" -Darryl

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