Season 1, Episode 20: G.E.D.

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Written by Bootsie & Stacy A. Littlejohn, Story by D.L. Hughley, Directed by Brian K. Roberts

Special Appearances by Marla Gibbs as Mrs. Hughley, Brian Doyle Murphy as Mr. Gifford

Guest starring Frances Bay as Mrs. Fitch

Co-starring Freez Luv as Freddie, Christopher Moynihan as Jimmy, Christopher Holloway as Ron


"Well, my son wants to be just like me. What the hell is wrong with that boy?" -Darryl

"C'mon baby, it's only for two weeks." -Yvonne
"That's fourteen days. For many animals, that's a whole lifetime." -Darryl

"So why are you here?" -Jimmy
"Well, I'm tryin' to set an example for my kids." -Darryl
"The house and the Lexus weren't enough?" -Jimmy

"Darryl, is there anything you'd like to say to the graduating class of Tuesdays at 8:30?" -Mr. Gifford

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