Season 1, Episode 21: Clan of the Cave Bear

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Written by D.L. Hughley & Matt Wickline, Directed by Brian K. Roberts

Guest starring Patricia Belcher as Jessie Mae

Co-starring Dagney Kerr as the receptionist, Preston Wamsley as Ronnie, Nick Toth as man #1


"You know how I love old people the hospital. That way they ain't drivin' in front of me on the freeway." -Darryl

"Dad, you pack a really bad lunch." -Sydney
"What do you mean?" -Darryl
"I was expecting a tuna fish sandwich, not a check made out to 'My Baby Sydney' for two dollars." -Sydney

"My clothes smell so bad, my teacher let me burn incense in class." -Michael
"Now, you see that? Your boy is a funky outcast." -Darryl

"Why don't you let big mama hook you up with some dead presidents." -Sally

"You know for a few hours today, people actually listened to what I had to say. And not because I could punish them if they didn't." -Yvonne

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