Season 1, Episode 22: Jungle Gym Fever

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Written by John Bowman & Myles Avery Mapp, Directed by Steve Zuckerman

Guest starring Craig Shoemaker as Don Porter

Co-starring J. Anthony Brown as Clyde, John Eric Bentley as Erwin, Jake Dimwiddie as Ralph, Lauren Summers as Felicity, Kaleigh Krish as Buffy


"C'mon, D, man, it's just a crush. At ten these things usually last about, what, three days longer than a black sitcom on NBC." -Milsap "Gosh, Sally, you sure know an awful lot about black history." -Dave
"Yeah, where'd you learn all that?" -Milsap
"Just picked it up from one of my homies." -Sally

"Aw, come on, man, I changed my zip code, not my soul code." -Darryl
"You tryin' a bit too hard, brother." -Misap

"Aw, Sally, your homie was Urkel." -Yvonne

"Aww, sugar, don't feel bad. Okay, sweetie, there are gonna be many, many more boys. Not... not many. One. When you're forty and your daddy's dead." -Darryl

"Well, I'll tell you one thing I'm glad about. Y'know, if my Gretchen does marry a brother, and they have a daughter, at least I know I can bring her across the street and her uncle Darryl can show me how to comb her hair." -Dave

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