Season 1, Episode 23: Up on the Roof

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Written by John D. Beck & Ron Hart, Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Guest starring John Webber as Walter, Freez Luv as Freddie, Christopher Moynihan as Jimmy

Co-starring Michael Hannon as the cop, Julissa Marquez as Joanna Lovinger.


"You wanna survive in prison, you trade cigarettes. If you're a kid in a shelter, you better have some toys." -Sydney

"I think you're a traitor, I think you're a Judas, and I think you're a black Benedict Arnold. And you know what? I'm through talkin' to all three of y'all." -Darryl
"Wait a minute. What's goin' on down here?" -Yvonne
"Oh, I'll tell you what. I'm free. I'm about to get in my truck, go meet Harriet Tubman for a drink and get directions to a non-slave state. See ya, Yvonne.

"I have seen all the Xena I care to see. And I got news for you, baby. You know, no matter how much danger that woman gets into...her breast plate? Never comin' off." -Yvonne

"The fire jumped the canyon? Baby, fire can't jump! It's like Larry Bird." -Darryl

"What are you doin' here?" -Darryl
"Well, I'm here to make sure you live, and then I'm goin' right back to bein' mad at you." -Milsap

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