Season 2, Episode 1: Young Guns

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Aired: Friday, September 24, 1999

Written by Matt Wickline & D.L. Hughley
Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Special appearance by Kathy Kinney as Mimi

Guest starring
Frances Bay as Mrs. Fitch
Taylor Negron as Chuck Ballard
Preston Wamsley as Ronnie
Ken Weiler as Mr. Filmore
Lizzie Murray as Mrs. Filmore
Michael Girardin as Officer Barnes
Don Dowe as officer #2
Pat Towne as security guy


"Mommy and daddy got your back, baby." -Yvonne

"I would home school my children right now if I didn't enjoy watchin' 'em get on that bus so much." -Sally

"Oh, you killed Bambi? You're a bad man, Dave." -Milsap

"All anybody needs is a sack of door-knobs in their trunk." -Milsap
"Now how does that make you feel safe?" -Dave
"You ever been hit by a door-knob? Multiply that by a sack." -Milsap

"You know guns don't know zip-codes." -Milsap

"Good lookin' out, Benson." -Mrs. Fitch

"Forty bucks! What's this for?" -Michael
"My peace of mind." -Darryl

"Look, I still don't know if guns are right or wrong, but I do know I don't want 'em in my house." -Darryl

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