Season 2, Episode 13: Death Takes a Three Day Holiday

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Written by Bill Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Guest starring Richard Fancy as Doctor Van Zandt


"Dad, this V.I.P. show is hot. Are you sure I should be watchin' it?" -Michael

"We're gonna have another fifty years together. Fifty-two if you stop standing in front of the microwave." -Yvonne

"I licked a couple of Elvis stamps so my cholesterol could be through the roof." -Darryl

"Dead men wack no weeds." -Dave

"Hey, dad, someone called for you and I took a message." -Michael
"You with your messages. Who was it this time? The guy with the thing from the place from before?" -Darryl

"Milsap, my friend, my brother, my beloved second banana...." -Darryl

"I haven't wasted this much time since I shaved my whole body trying to make the swim team." -Milsap

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