Season 2, Episode 15: Lies My Valentine Told Me

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Rating: 5.8


Written by Matt Wickline & D.L. Hughley, Directed by Steve Zuckerman

Guest starring Brian Haley as Frank Sweeney

Co-starring Preston Wamsley as Ronnie, John Hamm as Buzz


Sally: "Men have a bizarre concept of the truth."
Dave: "Oh, give me a break. When men were inventing fire, women were inventing lying."
Sally: "Oh, you mean like when I said you're the king, you're the best, I've never felt that before?"
Dave: "Next time say it while I'm still awake."
Yvonne: "Hey, look, everybody lies. Men lie to protect themselves, but women lie to protect other people's feelings."

Yvonne: "A secret is just a lie you haven't told yet."

Yvonne: "Oh my God, Dave and Sally are making up on the lawn."

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