Season 2, Episode 16: Two Jacks and a Beanstalk

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Aired: Friday, February 25, 2000

Rating: 5.9

The white man made me do this show

Teleplay by Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore
Story by Matt Wickline
Directed by Matt Wickline

Ezra Buzzington as man
Tonya Banks as Tee Pee girl
Timothy Anderson
Michelle Elkin
Jennifer Hamilton
Bermina Jackson
Mark Meismer
Kevin Whitaker
Tovaris Wilson


Yvonne: "Nothing fills your stomach like a meal unless you are that chick on Ally McBeal."

Darryl: "The only way you could be stupider is if you invented a stupid machine and set it on low."

Michael: "If I were Jewish, I'd say 'Oy.'"

Dave: "Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an African-American."

Dave: "My teeth are forty feet across, my tooth pick is Diana Ross."

Darryl: "What are you, a man or a mouse?"
Michael: "Put a piece of cheese on the floor and I'll show you."

Darryl: "Everything must be inflated up there, kinda like the airport gift shops."

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