Season 2, Episode 2: Milsap Moves Up

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Written by Kim Friese, Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Special appearances by Vivica A. Fox as Regina, Oprah Winfrey. Guest starring Freez Luv as Freddie, Christopher Maynihan as Jimmy, Dee Freeman as Sonya. Co-starring Preston Wamsley as Ronnie.


"I never felt that way about a woman before. Not on a Monday morning." -Milsap

"What kind of statement am I making by having black lacquer furniture?" -Milsap
"Well, you're saying that disco will rise again." -Darryl

"So now the end-table that my mother gave us has three little holes in it. My mom'll die." -Sally
"Someday." -Dave

"Wow. This place is off the hook." -Michael
"That's what my real estate agent said too... which was surprising coming from someone named Mitzi Goldberg." -Milsap

"Man, that ain't a backyard. That's Texas." -Darryl

"Y'know, I think I'm gonna write me a book. I'm gonna call it, 'The Love Man Cometh,' followed by the sequel, 'The Love Man Buyeth a Bigger Houth." -Darryl

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