Season 2, Episode 20: Body Double

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Aired: Friday, April 7, 2000

Rating: 4.7

Written by Kim Friese
Directed by Skip Collector

Guest starring
Sherman Hemsley as Mr. Williams
Telma Hopkins as Mrs. Williams
Montrose Hagins as Aunt Thelma
Frances Bay as Mrs. Fitch

Thelma: "Now let's get one thing straight, mister. I am 91 years old and I will not compromise, negotiate or miss anything on CBS."

Yvonne: "They still can't find mom and dad, they think they're playing golf."
Milsap: "Well, how hard can it be to find two black people on a golf course?"

Sydney: "I don't understand why people have to die in the first place, mama."
Yvonne: "Well, honey, you know, if people lived forever... there would be no place to sit."

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