Season 2, Episode 21: Love the One You're With

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Aired: Friday, April 21, 2000

Rating: 4.1


Written by Erik Marino
Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Special appearance by Marla Gibbs as Hattie Mae

Special guest star Fred Willard as Applegate

Guest starring
Ellis E. Williams as Henry
Abe Zucker as Zuckerman
Andrea Robinson as May


Darryl: "The worst part about hearing that my parents haven't had sex in a month is knowing that a month ago they had sex."

Darryl: "There has never been a problem in a marriage that talking about hasn't made worse."
Yvonne: "Oh, Darryl, what a horrible thing to say."
Darryl: "You're right. I shoulda just kept my mouth shut. See?"

Darryl: "I have said it before, I will say it again. Nothing good can come from black folk bein' in the woods. I believe everybody here saw 'Predator.'"

Hattie Mae: "I made sure my boys washed they love buddies twice a day."

Darryl to Yvonne: "I guess I ain't heard a word you said in, I'm gonna say, fifteen years."

Darryl: "They nasty!"

Milsap: "I believe the word for the day is 'limber.'"

Sydney: "Now remember Daddy, if you kill me, all you'll have left is Michael."

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