Season 2, Episode 22: The Thin Black Line

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Aired: Friday, April 28, 2000

Rating: 4.3


Written by Myles Avery Mapp
Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Guest starring
Rick Worthy as Byrno
Gerry Becker as Mr. Bickel
Special appearance by Kyla Pratt as Kenyatha

Brad Wright as tall man
Lauren Summers as Felicity
Scot Zeller as clerk
Lawrence A. Mandley as Mr. Jones
Ann Walker as Gwen
Valerie D. Young as Joann


Sydney: "Michael, you know some totaly rad wrestling moves."
Darryl: "Rad? When did you start sounding like an episode of 7th Heaven? Not that I ever watch that show."
Sydney: "Daddy, you're such a dweeb."
Darryl: "Dweeb?! Baby, that is not how we insult people. You want to insult someday use a momma joke. Like, yo, your momma so big she got hit by a bus and turned around and yelled 'Stop throwin' them rocks!'"

Kenyatha's dad: "I understand, and I want you to know that as soon as I get that big promotion or hit the lotto, I'm going to sell out just like you did."

Yvonne: "Darryl, you're not giving our daughter soul lessons again, are you?"

Sydney: "You don't have to be in the hood to be of the hood."

Milsap: "Everybody knows every player needs a pair and a spare."

Darryl: "I've been working with a really bad definition of what black is because it absolutely does not mean being less than anybody."

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