Season 2, Episode 7: Roots 1

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Rating: 5.6


Written by Matt Wickline & D.L. Hughley, Directed by Brian K. Roberts

Special appearance by Marla Gibbs as Hattie Mae

Special guest star Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. as Jojo

Guest starring Ellis E. Williams as Henry, Patricia Belcher as Jessie Mae, Virginia Capers as M'Dear, Roger Aaron Brown as Uncle Gus

Co-starring Connor Matheus as Otto, Miracle Vincent as Jamilah, Ed Lover as Jimmy


"Well they got me workin' at the counter now. You know when you in a long line to get a ticket and there's always that one brother standing behind the 'Position Closed' sign laughin' and talkin' and jokin'? That's me." -Jojo

"Dave, take that baby and tell your woman to get in the kitchen before there's trouble." -Mrs. Hughley
"You better do what she says, honey. I hear 911's a joke out here." -Dave

"Grandma, you busted my groove!" -Michael
"Boy, I got groove in my shoe that'll fit right in the seat of your pants." -Mrs. Hughley
"Sweetie, you can't date your cousin." -Yvonne
"Why not?" -Michael
"Because you'll end up fighting her on Jerry Springer, that's why not." -Yvonne

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