3rd Season

#1 Survivin'
#2 Guess Who's Coming Out for Dinner?
#3 We Got It Maid
#4 In the Bluff
#5 The Truth Shall Set Me Free
#6 Scary Hughley
#7 Rage Against the Machine
#8 Darryl's Victory Tour
#9 Oh Thank Heaven for Seven-Eleven
#10 His Park Is Worse Than His Bite
#11 Love or Money
#12 It Had to Be Jew
#13 Bamboozled
#14 My Horny Valentine
#15 Forty Acres and a Fool
#16 It's a Wonderful Wife
#17 South Side Story
#18 Something About Shari
#19 Darryl, Family Counselor
#20 Road Rage
#21 Mother's Day
#22 Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo

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#1 Survivin': Aired Monday, September 11, 2000

Yvonne finally talks Darryl into letting her remodel the kitchen and they hire the contractor that the Rogerses have been using. Darryl loses his patience when the contractor flirts with Yvonne and the remodeling job spreads to the rest of the house. Darryl yells at the contractor and the contractor quits, leaving them with an uninhabitable house. The Hughleys, the Rogerses and Milsap end up camping out in the Rogerses' tent in the Hughleys' back yard, and they vote Darryl out of the tent.

#2 Guess Who's Coming Out for Dinner?: Aired Monday, September 18, 2000

Darryl is concerned when Sydney has a gay friend at school, but when Michael starts talking about how much he hates girls, Darryl fears his own son might be gay. Darryl accidentally floods his neighbor, Mr. Park's, house while watering his hedges. Mr. Park and his daughter Joanie come over to stay at the Hughleys' for the night, and Darryl finds out Joanie is gay. Darryl learns that humor is often the best way to deal with differences, and he and the Parks have a grand time with Korean jokes, black jokes and gay jokes.

#3 We Got It Maid: Aired Monday, September 25, 2000

When Yvonne gets a job as a substitute teacher, the Hughleys hire an hispanic maid Tia. Darryl is so uncomfortable with having a maid that he treats her incredibly insensitively. Luckily, Tia is pretty good at standing up for herself. Darryl hosts a retirement party for his mother, and Milsap falls down on the job of getting the entertainment, but luckily he is able to get Boyz II Men at the last minute.

#4 In the Bluff: Aired Monday, October 2, 2000

Darryl decides to launch a web site for Hughley Vending that features scantily clad women, and Yvonne thinks it's a terrible sexist idea. Then, when she visits the business during a casting call, she becomes jealous of the pretty young women and, in an effort to get him to stop, informs Darryl that she wants to pose. Darryl stands strong, telling Yvonne that it's okay for her to pose even though he hates the idea of publishing a picture of his own wife in a bikini. They end up in a stand-off, and Yvonne cracks, finally admitting to Darryl that she really had no intention of posing. Darryl assures Yvonne that those other bikini models have nothing on her.

#5 The Truth Shall Set Me Free: Aired Monday, October 9, 2000

After one screwup too many, Darryl fires Jimmy. As a result, he finds himself sued for reverse racism by Jimmy, who is represented by none other than Johnnie Cochran.

#6 Scary Hughley: Aired Monday, October 30, 2000

The Hughleys and the Rogerses decide to throw a joint party in their two houses, but Darryl gets all competitive and decides he has to throw a better party than his neighbors. Darryl finds out that Crazy Larry, the appliance store owner, used to live in his house and died in the kitchen when he tried to get a bagel out of toaster with a fork. Darry, with the help of a talisman that unleashes dark evil, finds himself being haunted by the ghost of Crazy Larry, and he has to perform and exorcism on Yvonne. It turns out that Darryl's friends ganged up to pull a prank on him to teach him not to be so competitive.

#7 Rage Against the Machine: Aired Monday, November 6, 2000

Darryl and Yvonne agree to let their home be a polling place for the Presidential election. Darryl's father is disgusted when he learns that his son doesn't vote. Dave drives Darryl nuts with his new favorite toy, a leafblower, that not only disturbs Darryl by making a racket, but blows leaves onto Darryl's property. Darryl fights the realization that he's a Republican, but his nonparticipation takes a U-turn when he learns that there's a measure to ban leafblowers on the ballot. Darryl's father is proud when Darryl gets thrown in jail trying to persuade voters to vote against leafblowers.

#8 Darryl's Victory Tour: Aired Monday, November 13, 2000

When an old friend comes to visit, Darryl and Yvonne recount when they first met at the Jackson Victory Tour concert at Dodger Stadium in the eighties, but the nostalgic trip proves bumpy when they learn that their recollections do not necessarily match.

#9 Oh Thank Heaven for Seven-Eleven: Aired Monday, November 20, 2000

Darryl is unhappy when Yvonne declares that they're spending Thanksgiving this year with her parents, but he's even more upset when he hears that dinner will be at an expensive French restaurant. The bickering between Darryl and James, Yvonne's father, goes from bad to worse when everyone gets stuck in a convenience store on the way to the restaurant because an overzelous clerk decides that Darryl is trying to rob him. The extended Hughley family, including Dave and Sally, start to have Thanksgiving dinner in the store until the L.A.P.D. show up. It's only when James and Darryl's lives are in danger that James finally admits to Darryl that he only gives his son-in-law such a hard time because he's afraid that now that Darryl is providing so well for Yvonne, Yvonne won't need her daddy anymore.

#10 His Park Is Worse Than His Bite: Aired Monday, November 27, 2000

Darryl and Mr. Park's feud gets so bad that Yvonne and neighbors insist they call a truce. Mr. Park refuses to sign the treaty because Darryl is up one prank on him. He says he'll sign the treaty if Darryl does him the favor of watching his dog while he's away. Darryl gets talked into it, but when he goes over to Mr. Park's house to feed the dog, the dog is dead. Darryl, instead of just telling Mr. Park the truth, freaks out and buys a look-alike Dalmation. When Mr. Park gets home, he of course isn't convinced that this new dog is his. When Darryl admits the truth Mr. Park laughs because his dog was actually dead BEFORE he left for his trip and he just set Darryl up.

#11 Love or Money: Aired Monday, December 11, 2000

Yvonne thinks Darryl is a little too generous when all his friends and relatives come to him for money all the time, and isn't worrying enough about his own family's future. Despite this, Darryl can't turn down his aunt Jessie Mae when she asks for ten thousand dollars to keep her hair salon business afloat. Darryl also tries to revive Jessie Mae's business with a grand re-opening. The event, on a Sunday, completely flops and Darryl despairs that he'll never see the loan repaid and Jessie Mae will just come back for more soon. However, church lets out and suddenly the salon is busier than it's ever been. Unfortunately, all of Jessie Mae's employees have already given up and gone home, so Dave, Sally, Yvonne, and Darryl ending up doing hair for the rest of the day. When it's all over, and Jessie Mae has bookings to last her three weeks, she returns Darryl's check to him, uncashed. She tells him that before he was the moneybags of the family, it was she that everyone came to, which is likely why she's in the mess she's in now.

#12 It Had to Be Jew: Aired Monday, January 15, 2001

In this tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Darryl and his Jewish neighbor, Joe, trade insults while competing for contributors at a fund-raiser. They finally bond over a common enemy.

#13 Bamboozled: Aired Monday, February 5, 2001

Much to Darryl's delight, Dave's embarrassed by his visiting hillbilly cousin DuWayne. Upon learning that DuWayne is an expert bowler, Darryl enlists him in Hughley Vending's bowling team for a big match against Dave's crew. But the fun stops short when Darryl discovers that the reason Dave wanted to keep his cousin hidden is really because he's a red-necked loud-mouthed bigot.

#14 My Horny Valentine: Aired Monday, February 12, 2001

Worried that their relationship is based just on sex, Yvonne decides she and Darryl should abstain for the week leading up to Valentine's Day. The delayed gratification takes its toll, however, as both experience the "five stages" of abstinence. Meanwhile, Dave and Sally enjoy a resurgence in their bedroom activities; and Milsap agrees to care for the kids on Valentine's Day night.

#15 Forty Acres and a Fool: Aired Monday, February 19, 2001

Darryl's biological father resurfaces and surprises Darryl with the knowledge that Old Man Nate, Darryl's pseudo-uncle from back in the neighborhood, was actually Darryl's biological grandfather, and Darryl has been left a 20-acre vineyard in the old man's will.

#16 It's a Wonderful Wife: Aired Monday, February 26, 2001

When Darryl is having difficulty with Yvonne he thinks it would be better to be married to a white woman. That night, he dreams that he is, and he soon realizes that as long as he is a jackass it doesn't matter what color his wife is, he's still going to have problems.

#17 South Side Story: Aired Monday, March 5, 2001

After Darryl donates vending machines to the community center where he hung out as a teenager, Michael starts spending time there too. While Yvonne worries about the effect it's having on Michael, Darryl is pleased about his son's interest in the community center... until an old acquaintance reveals a secret about Darryl's past as a gang member.

#18 Something About Shari: Aired Monday, March 12, 2001

Yvonne's half sister, Shari, who Darryl hates, is getting married, and Yvonne has volunteered her and Darryl's back yard for the ceremony. Shari and her fiancée, Brock, arrive in town and Shari and Darryl immediately start feuding. Darryl lets some things slip about Shari's past that make Brock think twice about marrying her, but Yvonne carefully patches things up and scolds Darryl. At Brock's bachelor party, Dave, Darryl and Milsap spy Brock having a little too much fun with one of the strippers, and just before the wedding Brock brags to the other men that since Shari thinks he can do no wrong, he can do all the wrong he wants. Darryl, who gets talked into walking Shari down the aisle, makes the difficult decision to tell her the truth about her betrothed and the wedding is off for good.

#19 Darryl, Family Counselor: Aired Monday, March 19, 2001

When Sally's nightmare of a mother comes to visit and starts torturing Dave, Darryl tries to convince his neighbor to stand up for himself. Dave follows Darryl's advice, and gets himself kicked out the house for his trouble. Darryl and Yvonne soon tire of having their friend sleeping on their couch, so Darryl engineers a family counseling session and gets Sally's mother, Edna, to admit that she hates Dave because she feels like Dave stole her little girl and moved her half-way across the country. Dave and Sally reconcile and Edna decides to move out to California to be closer to her daughter.

#20 Road Rage: Aired Monday, April 30, 2001

After they receive traffic citations, Darryl, Dave and Milsap attend driving school, where Darryl runs into radio talk-show host Larry Elder, whose conservative opinions aggravate him. Meanwhile, Milsap tries to get into the eccentric teacher's good graces.

#21 Mother's Day: Aired Monday, May 7, 2001

Yvonne's Mother's Day is foiled when her mom, Darryl's mom and Milsaps mom arrive for the day. Things go from bad to worse when Yvonne, dealing masterfully with making dinner for nine people and three mothers' griping about how easy raising children is these days, passes out in her own living room. When she is diagnosed with exhaustion, the other three mothers come out of retirement and take over her duties for her. The three older women quickly realize that Yvonne's job isn't as easy as they thought it was.

#22 Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo: Aired Monday, May 14, 2001

Darryl and Yvonne, along with their kids, their neighbors, Milsap, and Yvonne's half-sister Shari, go on a cruise. After Yvonne loses $50,000 gambling, Darryl pulls the sinking ship alarm and makes everyone abandon ship in a life boat. When the life boat is set upon by mating blue whales, everyone starts confessing their sins, thinking they're about to die. Darryl confesses to Yvonne that he was married before.

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