4th Season

#1 Joint Custody
#2 Mid-Wife Crisis
#3 A Cry for Pleh
#4 Go With the Flow
#5 Stormy Weather
#6 Hughley & Son
#7 When Darryl Bumped Sally
#8 Whatchoo Stalkin' About, Willis?
#9 Daddy's Lil' Girl
#10 The Keepin' It Real World
#11 One Foot in the Grave-y
#12 I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas
#13 I Have a Scheme
#14 Smells Like Free Spirit
#15 Leaving Las Vegas
#16 Bored of the Rings
#17 Jump the Jump
#18 You've Got Male
#19 Directed by Darryl Hughley
#20 How Hattie Got Her Groove Back
#21 It's a Girl, Part 1
#22 It's a Girl, Part 2

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#1 Joint Custody: Aired Monday, September 3, 2001

Darryl and Yvonne discover a joint in what they think is Sydney's jacket, but when they confront their innocent daughter they realize that it was actually one of Yvonne's old jackets. They decides to let their kids punish them, but when the kids forbid them to go to the Janet Jackson concert they've been looking forward to, they sneak out of the house and go anyway. The kids rat their parents out to Darryl's mother in revenge. Meanwhile, Yvonne's half-sister Shari, who has been living with the Hughleys, moves into Dave and Sally's spare room over the garage, outing Dave's new guitar-playing hobby in the process. When Sally tries to horn in on it, Dave pretends to be a horrible guitar player to turn her off.

#2 Mid-Wife Crisis: Aired Monday, September 10, 2001

Yvonne decides it's time for her to get a full-time job, but Darryl discourages her when he doubts that she has any marketable skills even though she has a masters degree in business management. Darryl tries to court the Staples center as a new client, but it's Yvonne that gets him the account... and job for herself at the same time. Michael makes new friends at school when Yvonne becomes the neighborhood's "hot mom."

#3 A Cry for Pleh: Aired Monday, September 17, 2001

While the Hughleys are still adjusting to Yvonne having a full-time job, they find out that Michael has dyslexia and they get him a tutor, Coral. Darryl hates Coral because she lords her intelligence over him, and tries to fire her, but when he realizes how much Michael really needs her, he gives up trying to get rid of her. Darryl worries that his relationship with Michael will have to change since he usually teases his son about how stupid he is, but Michael makes it clear that his learning disability changes nothing. Meanwhile, Michael is jealous because Milsap is romancing Coral.

#4 Go With the Flow: Aired Monday, September 24, 2001

Yvonne goes out of town on a business trip, and Darryl is dealing well with taking care of the kids by himself until Sydney gets her first period. Sydney ends up having to go to her aunt Shari for help, and Darryl feels like he let his little girl down. Meanwhile, Yvonne gets bumped from her flight home and has to cry at the ticket counter to get home to her daughter.

#5 Stormy Weather: Aired Monday, October 1, 2001

Yvonne fears the romance in her marriage is dead, and encourages Darryl to be more romantic. She is angry when Darryl doesn't take her seriously, but even more angry when Darryl finally makes an effort and creates a sleazy sex scenario for them at a dive bar with a reservation at a cheap motel.

#6 Hughley & Son: Aired Monday, October 8, 2001

Darryl and Yvonne find out that Michael has been skipping school, and in his defense Michael says that he doesn't need school because he can drop out and inherit his dad's business. Darryl decides to teach Michael a lesson, and takes the twelve-year-old to the office with him, putting him to work sweeping up, loading trucks and cleaning toilets. Michael quickly runs back to school, realizing that it's easier than learning a business from the ground up with no education.

#7 When Darryl Bumped Sally: Aired Monday, October 15, 2001

Sally gets a therapy talk-show and Darryl is the sponsor. Instead of just broadcasting a sponsorship message, however, Darryl ends up giving his own advice to the callers. The producers love Darryl's caustic attitude and bring him on as a co-host. Sally is disgusted, and leaves the show. Darryl's thoughtless comments end up putting one caller's ex-boyfriend on a ledge threatening to jump, and only Sally can talk him down. Sally and Darryl reaffirm their friendship when Darryl is left out on the ledge by himself. When Michael gets the "my grandma is sick" blow-off from a girl he was supposed to go to a dance with, his mother decides to throw him and his other loser/I-couldn't-get-a-date friends a party. When it turns out his date's grandmother was actually sick and is now feeling better, Michael goes to the dance and ditches his mother with his loser friends.

#8 Whatchoo Stalkin' About, Willis?: Aired Monday, October 29, 2001

The cast is trying to rehearse their Halloween episode when D.L. Hughley doesn't show up for his entrance. The cast bitches about D.L. not showing up, and when the star does deign to make an appearance, he puts everyone else down and fires the director. Suddenly, the lights go out a there's a deep threatening voice. The cast investigates and are captured by a robed figure one by one until D.L. is the only one left. D.L. decides he'll just have his own show, starring, written by, and directed by him. However, when he finds the rest of his cast tied up and gagged in his dressing room, D.L. is relieved. He starts to untie them, but is interrupted by an attack by the robed figure. He fights off the mysterious stalker and manages to unrobe him, revealing... Gary Coleman!

#9 Daddy's Lil' Girl: Aired Monday, November 5, 2001

When Sydney wins a date with Lil' Romeo by calling a radio station, it exacerbates the tension between her and her mother, so she bats her eyelashes at her dad and gets him to not only let her go on the date, but take her to a sexy store at the mall to buy a new outfit. Yvonne gets fed up and tells Darryl that Sydney is now his responsibility. Darryl quickly learns that his lil' girl isn't as sweet as he thinks she is when she shows up for her date dressed like a stripper. Meanwhile, Dave and Milsap decide to turn Michael into a young rap star and exploit him.

#10 The Keepin' It Real World: Aired Monday, November 12, 2001

In a take-off on The Real World from MTV, The Hughleys, The Rogerses, Milsap, Coral, Shari, and Teck from The Real World are trapped in a cabin in the woods together being watched over by a bear. Yvonne is jealous of Darryl's new SUV. Sally tries to talk Dave into getting a vasectomy. Darryl is angry that Milsap spends more time with Coral than with him. Shari persues Teck.

#11 One Foot in the Grave-y: Aired Monday, November 19, 2001

Darryl's mother wrests control of Thanksgiving dinner from Yvonne, and Yvonne locks Darryl and his mother in a car until he finally stands up to her. Shari wins a lot of money off of Milsap and Dave betting on football and playing dumb when she really knows the stats inside and out.

#12 I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas: Aired Monday, December 17, 2001

Darryl and Yvonne try to teach the kids a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas when they undertake a series of charitable deeds to set an example. But charity nearly gets turned on its head when Shari mistakenly gives away the all of the kids' expensive Christmas gifts to a foster home and Darryl takes it upon himself to retrieve them. Milsap and the Rogerses have a very unmerry Christmas when Milsap gives Dave and Sally lottery tickets as a lousy present and then tries to lay claim to their winnings.

#13 I Have a Scheme: Aired Monday, January 21, 2002

As a class project, Michael gets a street renamed after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but when Darryl sees the neighborhood that the street is in, he decides it would be better to rename their own street. Darryl tries to get everyone on his street to sign his petition, but soon realizes that he's the most unpopular resident on the block. Finally, he has everyone's signature except for a little person down the street, and Darryl has to spend an entire evening playing poker with his neighbor and three other little people without saying one rude thing to them about their height in order to complete his petition. Sally goes to kick-boxing classes with Yvonne in order to let off some steam, and ends up putting her husband in a sling when she uses some of her newly learned moves on him. Sydney tries to fit in with the popular cheerleaders in her class but ends up getting busted drinking by her mother.

#14 Smells Like Free Spirit: Aired Monday, February 4, 2002

Darryl's niece, Carly, whom he hasn't seen in 12 years, shows up on his doorstep in L.A. to purse a music career. Darryl tries to fill in for his unreliable brother Jojo by taking Carly in, but she doesn't like living under Darryl's strict rules and so she leaves to go live with a club owner who says he's going to make her a big star. Darryl tracks her down to get her away from the sleazy club owner, but the club owner turns out to be legit and is actually going to give Carly a career. Darryl convinces Carly to give living at his house another try, and is pleased when it turns out she actually can sing. Michael tries to follow Carly's carefree example and starts living in a tent in the back yard. Yvonne obsesses about why the new neighbors might not like her when everyone in the neighborhood receives a gift basket from them except her. Yvonne takes her revenge by cutting down her neighbor's rose bush, and then is horrified when it turns out that Michael found and kept the gift basket for himself.

#15 Leaving Las Vegas: Aired Monday, February 11, 2002

Darryl tries to take Yvonne on a romantic trip to New York for Valentine's Day, but instead they end up getting stranded with no money in the Las Vegas airport. A poor young newlywed couple reminds Darryl of his own penniless youth, and the Hughleys end up celebrating Valentine's Day the way they used to, with a stolen flower and home-made card. Meanwhile, Milsap has been left in charge of the kids, and they end up crashing their father's car through the wall of the Rogerses' house. They all try to cover up the disaster, but Sydney lets the secret slip once her parents get home.

#16 Bored of the Rings: Aired Monday, February 25, 2002

On his parents' 35th wedding anniversary, Darryl finds out that his parents secretly separated four months ago. Darryl tries to get his parents back together by re-creating the night his father proposed to his mother, but finds out the event never really happened and was a made up story by his parents because it was more romantic than the real way his father proposed. Darryl resigns himself to his parents' separation, and worries that it spells doom for his own marriage. Yvonne assures him, with the help of the singer he hired for his parents, that "Our Love is Here to Stay." Michael, who is lusting after Sydney's friend, Terria, blackmails Sydney into letting him choreograph their talent show number. Michael then bumps Sydney as lead singer to put the spotlight on Terria. When Michael gets too fresh, Terria hangs him from a rope on stage, and he has to beg Sydney to help him down. Michael and Sydney end up teaming up to do a better act than Terria to beat her in the talent show.

#17 Jump the Jump: Aired Monday, March 4, 2002

When Darryl finds out Michael is scared of heights, he tries to help his son overcome it, but Yvonne lets it slip that Darryl is afraid of heights himself. Since Milsap is dating a sky-diving instructor, Michael dares his dad to go sky-diving. Darryl agrees, even though he's terrified, and finds himself up in a plane with Milsap and Dave who have already chickened out. Darryl is about to jump when Michael tells him not to, that he's already proven his point. Darryl is relieved, but then falls out of the plane and finds out that sky-diving isn't so bad. Yvonne wants to meet Sydney's new boyfriend, Derek, and insists that she can just be Sydney's friend, not her mom, and be cool meeting the boy in her life. Sydney agrees to invite Derek over to watch movies with her and her mother, but when the seventeen-year-old boy arrives, Yvonne flips out and tells him to keep his paws off her daughter. Sydney laughs, because the boy was actually Kevin, Derek's older brother. Sydney proves to her mother that she is a mother first, but agrees to at least show Yvonne pictures of the real Derek.

#18 You've Got Male: Aired Monday, March 25, 2002

Sydney gets a laptop and immediately does what her father fears most: starts meeting boys in chat rooms. When she agrees to meet one of her online paramours in person, Michael catches on and alerts Carly, Milsap and Dave. Sydney meets her man at the mall, but he turns out to be Darryl, who was trying to teach his daughter a lesson. When Carly has trouble writing lyrics for a song, Yvonne gives her an old love poem that Darryl wrote. Yvonne is furious with her husband when Carly points out that the poem is a direct copy of Barry Manilow lyrics. Michael has been spending a lot of private time in the shower.

#19 Directed by Darryl Hughley: Aired Monday, April 29, 2002

In pursuit of a kiss from his dream girl, Michael joins the school play and finds that his father, who is directing, may jeopardize his plans. Michael gets his own father fired and replaced with Sally, who relives her lost dream of being on stage. Michael explains to his dad that at school, he's actually a cool kid, and having his dad around making fun of him was cramping his style. Milsap and Shari get set up by a computer dating service when they both lie in the profiles, and Milsap makes Shari feel so bad that she tricks him into thinking they got drunk and married.

#20 How Hattie Got Her Groove Back: Aired Monday, May 6, 2002

Darryl is horrified when he realizes that, in the wake her break-up with his father, his mother has an active love life. Sally accuses Michael of stealing her brooch to give to Yvonne for mother's day.

#21 It's a Girl, Part 1: Aired Monday, May 13, 2002

At their 20th high school reunion, Milsap finds out he's a father to a four-year-old girl, Adriana. The girl's mother, Shandra, springs the news of the kid on Milsap and then dumps Adriana in his lap, calling later to inform him that she's not coming back. Milsap panics, but just as he's starting to enjoy being a father, Shandra shows up saying she missed her daughter. Meanwhile, Yvonne has to cancel on Darryl for the formal dance part of the reunion because she has to work. Darryl runs into his ex-girlfriend, Camille, who quickly puts the moves on him. They end up sharing a passionate kiss.

#22 It's a Girl, Part 2: Aired Monday, May 20, 2002

Darryl's neice Carly moves out of the Hughley house and into a college dorm, but finds that her dream of privacy is impossible. Milsap is slowly adjusting to fatherhood. Yvonne finds out about Darryl's kiss with his ex-girlfriend Camille and kicks him out of the house. Darryl ends up at the hotel where Camille is staying, and successfully dodges her next attempt to seduce him. Yvonne confronts Camille, who insists that Darryl loves him wife and only his wife. Yvonne finally forgives Darryl and they reconcile.

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