Quotes from Joint Custody

Yvonne: They are still out there staring at that grill. Y'know, it's two o'clock and the quest for fire continues.

Sally: Welcome to Dave's museum of Dave.

Darryl: Glow-in-the-dark, my ass.

Darryl: Go to your room!
Sydney: I'm in my room.
Darryl: I was talkin' to your mama.

Michael: I see one scrambled boob and I'm clippin' your toenails.

Michael: We should have seen the signs, just look at his hair.

Yvonne: You know, they have a point.
Darryl: No, they don't have a point. They don't pay rent, they can't have a point.
Yvonne: Darryl, we lost their respect.
Darryl: I have news for you. We never had it. They were just scared of us.

Yvonne: But that's no fair, it's Janet Jackson, everybody's gonna be there.
Michael: Yeah, and if everybody jumped off a bridge, would you do it?
Darryl: If Janet Jackson was at the bottom, hell yeah!

Michael: Don't lie to me, boy, I swear I'll take off my belt!

Hattie Mae: You better give your soul to God, because your behind belongs to me!

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